Superabsorbent Polymers for Training Pad

water absorbing polymer

water absorbing polymer

Water Absorbing Polymer

This water absorbing polymer is a kind of super absorbent polymer made by poly-acrylic acid salt and mainly used for pet mat products, and has a unique physical conformation and excellent hydrophilic groups. It has a special absorption capacity to normal saline and pet urine with a quick absorption speed and a large absorption amount. It has a little infiltration after absorption,strong pressure resistance and can repeatedly absorb pet urine. Its particles are fine, so we can’t feel the granular in the surface of pet pads.
Use: pet pads, care mats and mattresses and other hygienic products.

SAP quality inspection index

  • Appearance
  • PSD
  • Absorption rate
  • Absorption capacity
  • Centrifugal absorption capacity
  • Absorption under pressure 0.3psi

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