Super Absorbent Polymer for Baby Diaper

superabsorbent polymers

superabsorbent polymers

Superabsorbent Polymers

Because of its high water absorption,the baby diaper can ensure a baby's sleep all night. Among them, the materials that absorb water is a superabsorbent polymer. Super absorbent polymer is an excellent material for making baby's urine non-wet. The outstanding feature is that the water absorption and storage capacity are surprisingly large.

Good electrolyte retention: after absorbing the urine, the gelatum can keep the diaper dry alternately.
Good permeability: anti-colloid blocking, it can absorb strong under a certain pressure.
Good security: passing SGS international certification, there are not irritating and toxic phenomena in the skin irritation, oral toxicity and other aspects.
Absorptive ability: under a certain pressure, it has a strong absorption capacity, and a quite strong anti-seepage.
Applications: baby diapers, paper diapers and so on.

SAP quality inspection index

  • Appearance
  • Moisture content
  • PSD
  • Absorption rate
  • Absorption capacity
  • Centrifugal absorption capacity
  • Absorption under pressure 0.3psi

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