Super Absorbent Polymer for Sanitary Napkin

absorbent polymer

absorbent polymer

Absorbent Polymer

This absorbent polymer has a special affinity for viscous solution of human and absorbs quickly, which can completely solve side-leakage and adhesion problems.

super absorbent polymer

It has special affinity for blood, especially women's menstrual blood, plasma, and other viscous solutions, and its absorption rate is fast. It can absorb 3-5ml / g in one minute and 7-8ml / g in three minutes, which is better than a similar domestic and foreign product. It can completely solve the side leakage of the product, thus achieving the era of ultra-thin sanitary napkins. The product has good moisture resistance, is non-toxic and non-irritating to the skin, does not cause allergies and makes the end product more dry and comfortable.
Scope of use: sanitary napkins and ultra thin sanitary pads.

SAP for Absorbing Simulated Blood Testing Vedio

SAP quality inspection index

  • Appearance
  • PSD
  • Absorption rate
  • Absorption capacity
  • Centrifugal absorption capacity
  • Absorption under pressure 0.3psi

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