Super Absorbent Polymer Manufacturer


HOW U® was established in 2003. We are professional manufacturer focus on super absorbent polymer. The company's leading product is the superabsorbent polymer, which is a new material for strategic emerging industries encouraged by the state. There are many products for diapers, sanitary napkins, pet pads, and optical cables. It is the only one domestic leader in the SAP industry that has a research and development center, has a national invention patent, and presides over the drafting of two national standards. The company's technology and product performance rank first in the domestic industry and are at the leading international level. The company's products have the characteristics of no pollution, no pollution, high technology, high added value, and environmental protection.

With market demand as the direction of research and development, we have developed epoch-making products with independent intellectual property rights. In 2005, the company took market demand as the direction of research and development, and through joint research with universities, after thousands of experiments, it first developed a product that meets the needs of consumers and has strong and rapid absorption capacity for human urine and blood. Different from water-absorbent products widely used in the sanitary field on the market, it solves industry problems such as side leakage, reverse osmosis, adhesion, yellowing of sanitary napkins and diaper products, and applies this achievement for the national invention patent . It breaks the traditional concept of water absorption as the test standard and the monopoly of multinational companies, replaces imports, and promotes the healthy development of China's superabsorbent resin industry.
Deepen the R & D model of industry-university-research technology and actively expand new product highlights. Through joint technical research and development with universities, the company has further enhanced its technological research and development capabilities. In response to product defects in the current market, actively expand its new performance and uses. At present, the degradable superabsorbent resin that the company is developing will fill the global gap of superabsorbent resin, which can accelerate the degradation rate of superabsorbent resin and improve the environmental protection level. At the same time, we have studied and deepened the diversification of product utilization. At present, we have developed new products that artificially affect the weather, which will greatly improve the operation level of airports and highways, will fill international gaps, and improve the product utilization and economic benefits.

Guide the market with standards to promote the healthy development of the industry. In 2007, the company undertook and formulated two national standards, "Sanitary Napkin Super Absorbent Resin" and "Diaper Super Absorbent Resin", which further standardized the testing standards of products in the market. The product has very poor absorption of blood and urine, does not meet national standards, and gradually withdrew from the Chinese market. The promulgation of national standards has promoted the healthy development of the Chinese SAP industry, thereby gradually changing the pattern in which the Chinese sanitary products market is dominated by large foreign companies. In 2012, Haoyue began to draft international standards. The further promotion of international standards will increase the company's international influence and promote the products of this international standard with independent intellectual property rights throughout the world, benefiting consumers in a wider range. And contribute to global health and environmental protection.
Focus on brand building, improve corporate visibility and global influence. The company pays close attention to product quality and continuously improves product quality through technological innovation. Increase brand awareness and influence through brand building. It has been repeatedly reported by Xinhua News Agency and CCTV-4, and has been praised by the mainstream national media. Again won the AAA standardization of good behavior enterprises, Shandong Province well-known trademarks, Shandong Province standard innovative enterprises, Shandong Province famous brand products, and several provincial and municipal scientific and technological progress awards and other honors. The company sells high-quality products to more than 20 provinces, cities, and autonomous regions across the country, including Beijing, Tianjin, Chongqing, and Guangdong. It also sells to more than 10 countries and regions, including the United States, Japan, Brazil, and Malaysia. And it has won the favor of foreign customers including Fortune 500, Kimberly-Clark and other Fortune 500 companies.

Pay close attention to the way of adjusting the structure, thoroughly implement the scientific development concept, and improve product efficiency. The company is guided by the scientific concept of resource-saving and environment-friendly development. Through the transformation and upgrading of equipment, the company accelerates the pace of transfer and structural adjustment. The company is actively promoting the construction of a high-absorbent resin project with an annual output of 40,000 tons. This project is the first automated production line with independent intellectual property rights in China. Production efficiency, lower product costs, can greatly promote energy conservation and consumption reduction, optimize the surrounding environment, and realize a high-growth enterprise that absorbs 700 million yuan in revenue and profits and taxes over 100 million yuan.

HOW U will continuously improve its independent innovation ability, and will promote the drafting and implementation of international standards as soon as possible, and expand the national visibility and influence of national products.